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Sep 25, 2017

Friday, 22nd September, 2017

Y8 Assembly - a gig to remember

Y8 Assembly was rather special this morning.  It was lovely seeing them enter into their new Chapel with such reverence and Miss Bennett led a wonderful assembly which featured greetings from other Notre Dame schools. 


The day whizzed past with movement between classes much swifter as we all got used to our new building.  Thanks to all who chatted!  I had a couple of conversations about Friday evening for I was off to a gig to see a group from my teenage years - Sparks!

They didn't disappoint!  I did have one moment looking around at the crowd (at the O2 Ritz) thinking 'don't these people look too old to be at a rock concert' but then I realised I fitted right in!  60 years old and still rocking it!

My favourite bit is 1 minute 45 seconds into this!