Notre Dame Values

This page contains videos to help us reflect on our Notre Dame Values of Hope, Faith, Truth, Joy, Love and Justice.

Each week during Sacred Time, we take time to focus on a different ND Value; to think about what they are, what they mean to us and how these values are shown in the world around us.

Maybe it will even get a discussion going!

FAITH w/b 5th September 2022

JOY w/b 12th September 2022

TRUTH w/b 19th September 2022

JUSTICE w/b 26th September 2022

LOVE w/b 3rd October 2022

HOPE w/b 10th October 2022

FAITH w/b 17th October 2022

JOY w/b 31st October 2022

TRUTH w/b 7th November 2022

JUSTICE w/b 14th November 2022

LOVE w/b 21st November 2022

HOPE w/b 28th November 2022

FAITH w/b 5th December 2022

JOY w/b 12th December 2022

TRUTH w/b 2nd January 2023

JUSTICE w/b 9th January 2023

LOVE w/b 16th January 2023

HOPE w/b 23rd January 2023

FAITH w/b 30th January 2023

JOY w/b 6th February 2023

TRUTH w/b 20th February 2023

JUSTICE w/b 27th February 2023

LOVE w/b 6th March 2023

HOPE w/b 13th March 2023

JOY w/b 20th March 2023

LOVE w/b 27th March 2023

TRUTH w/b 17th April 2023

JUSTICE w/b 24th April 2023

FAITH w/b 1st May 2023

HOPE w/b 8th MAY 2023

JOY w/b 15th May 2023

LOVE w/b 22nd May 2023

TRUTH w/b 5th JUNE 2023

JUSTICE w/b 12th June 2023

FAITH w/b 19th June 2023

HOPE w/b 26th June 2023

JOY w/b 3rd July 2023

TRUTH w/b 10th July 2023