St. Julie's Catholic High School Chaplaincy


World Environment Day

Date: Jun 5, 2018 14:45:00

A two minute video marking the day -


A Prayer For World Environment Day

God of all creation, as we look around us,

your power and love are ever present. 


We thank you for the beauties of creation

and the abundant resources you have provided. 


We ask for your help in revealing

how we can be better stewards of your creation.

Help us to use only the resources we need,

never being selfish by taking more than necessary.


Help us to take opportunities to share our wealth

with those who are less fortunate

instead of disposing of our surplus. 


Help us to remember that the environment

is home to all life and that

we must take up the responsibility to ensure all life is respected.


We thank you for this day and ask for your blessing on this journey.