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Jun 25, 2018

Friday, 22nd June, 2018

49 years on - PA Day

49 years ago today in Rome, Pope Paul VI presided over the canonisation of Julie Billiart - that's the ceremony which meant Julie became St. Julie!  Admittedly before then, she'd been named Blessed Julie (13th May, 1906) but in 1969, she got the full title and recognition as a saint!


Here are some words of St. Julie for this special date, remembering when she wrote them she was just Julie not St. Julie!

(2 mins)


The video below (12 mins) includes footage of the canonisation ceremony in 1969.

It was also Performing Arts Day with a whole range of activities.  Well done to Team PA for the outstadning efforts to make today special and for the relentless pursuit of excellence and spirit of dedication and encouragement which is so evident in our school.  What they do enriches all of us and, although we're pitching for the highest award in ArtsMark, we don't need others to come and say if we're doing a good job or not!  That is already in the bag!  It's nice though to get formal recognition! 

Thoughts from the Chaplain

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