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Jun 15, 2018

Thursday, 14th June 2018

Overwhelm - attendance - NFL

Final practice for Saturday for Overwhelm and the team were really on it today!  Well done.  They've got the notes, they've got the talent, they've got the attitude - now they just have to deliver when it matters!  Watch this space.

Lots of drop-ins again today which was great.

The Chapel was used this afternoon for a really good assembly about attendance.   It's common sense to assume that if you attend more, the chances are you'll achieve more!   Mr Willis just gave some supporting evidence for that which will surely be an encouragement for those mornings when we might feel a bit under the weather and possibly veer towards taking time off learning.  Of course, sometimes staying at home is the correct option but often the right option is to come in and get on with life in school.  Sitting at home feeling sorry for ourselves can actually drag us down.  We tell ourselves we don't feel well and we look for confirmation that this is the case - and we are oversensitive to feeling a twinge, an ache, a discomfort.  Making the effort to get out of the house and into school can change the focus of our mindset.  Apart from anything else, getting out of the house and having a bit of fresh air can help.  Meeting up with our friends can distract us and before we know it, we can be in school - working and learning, battling on!

There is an American Football coach called Jimmy Johnson who drilled it into his players that they should:

 "Let the mind control the body, not the body control the mind!"

Some of the players didn't accept this and they didn't last long.  Did his methods work?  Well, the Dallas Cowboys under his leadership won back to back Superbowls - a rare occurrence indeed!  Here's some footage of Jimmy Johnson in training (2 mins 32 secs):