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May 1, 2018

Tuesday, 1st May, 2018

CAFOD FUN RUN meeting - Visitors ND - Assembly 7 Maria - Hail Mary - Let's go fly a kite
Last night I went to the first CAFOD Fun Run meeting of the year!  As ever, it'll be on 27th December at 1:00 p.m. at Wavertree Park and, as in recent years, I'll be asking some of you to come along and distribute water, jelly babies and encouragement!   Maybe we'll get a bit of a running team together as well!  It's always a brilliant day!  Here's a video of St. Julie's contribution in 2016:

We had visitors from Notre Dame, Liverpool today and it was such a joy to share our Notre Dame Chapel with them.  We also got to talking about Rome 2019 when a number of Notre Dame schools are heading over to Rome for the 50th anniversary of the canonisation of Julie Billiart!  I know I keep saying this but watch out for information about this trip in the next week.

It was 7 Maria who led assembly this morning and it was outstanding in every respect!  Big shout out to Ruby for her enthusiasm which shone brightly and to Miss Gore who harnessed the many and varied talents and aspirations of this lovely Form to produce a great assembly.

The month of May started today with a decade (that's 10 Hail Marys) of the rosary being prayed at 8:00, 11:50 and 12:40.  That will continue each day through May and all are welcome!

At lunchtime, Science Club finished off their Fly Kites Not Drones Project.  It was a joy!  Here's my favourite picture:

Over the last few weeks, they have been following the project organised by Pax Christi and the Quakers.  It revolved around the tradition in Afghanistan of flying kites which have pledges and prayers on to mark a New Year.  The kites contrast with the drones seen high in the sky which are sometimes armed with missiles.   Those missiles are intended to be aimed at terrorists but, inadvertently, innocent people including children have been killed.

In response to a presentation about the project, members of Science Club (under the guidance of Dr Descallar) have made kites exploring the scientific principles involved.  While they constructed and engineered them, they also thought of pledges and prayers they would like to make, attaching them to their kites.   Today, while remembering we all live under the same blue sky, they flew those kites mindful of the Afghan children who also take delight in flying kites.