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Mar 12, 2018

Monday, 12th March, 2018

Saturday - CTK

We have some serious talent and bottle in this school!  I kind of always knew that but on Saturday, I experienced an inspiring group of our students well and truly put their best foot forward.  They are the founder members of our junior music ministry team, Overwhelm and they gave up their Saturday afternoon to lead the music and worship at OLA (that's Our Lady of the Assumption Church near Belle Vale.)

They were just brilliant, working well as a team, each taking responsibility and delivering an exceptional and holy experience for the parishioners.  Every one of them was fantastic and their presence was much appreciated by all who attended. Huge thanks to them and the members of staff and parents who supported this.   Now,we turn our focus to Wednesday's Welcome Event for the next cohort of Year 7 students at St. Julie's.


This morning was a driving morning as I went to Christ the King to pick up some of their Year 5 children so they could come and do some Design Technology work with Mr Radburn.  A very well-behaved group, they were, too!  Hopefully, the expereicne with Mr Radburn will help them as they deveop their skills in DT.

Lunchtime was another practice for Overwhelm and then Year 11 students came up and saw today's Station of the Cross - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.   Although it's not in the Bible, the story goes that Veronica stepped out from the crowd along the Via Dolorosa and wiped the face of Jesus.  The cloth is said to have retained a perfect, photographic image of Jesus!

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