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Feb 8, 2018

Thursday, 8th February, 2018

Last night - 11 Rigby - Year 7 Awards

Open Mic Night was a really boss event yesterday evening.  It was lovely to see so much talent on show.  The students (and the staff) really were living out our Mission Statement Strand allowing individuals to discover their potential and develop and share their unique talents.   There are too many acts to mention here but I must say how moving it was to chat to one performer who said she was doing it for her nan who loves Elvis!  Other people so often give us the motivation to take on challenges!  Who does that for you?  Maybe you should tell them!

Well done to all with a special mention to the one and only Mr Quinn who gave the platform for others to perform on. 


Happy Birthday, Millie-Jo, from 11 Rigby who, on this day of days, chose to lead Sacred Time.  She took the very difficult topic of homelessness.  This is a very challenging issue but Millie-Jo posed us some questions to reflect on.  A couple of her friends were held up genuinely by the punctuality of buses and Jess stepped up to fill the gaps.  That willingness to support a Form mate was marvellous to see.  Thanks 11 Rigby!


At around 11:50, the Chapel started to fill with Year 7 students, in anticipation of the first Year 7 Awards festival!  Mrs Maguire had asked for nominations from Form Tutors in a variety of categories which mirrored our Mission Statement!  Mr Alderman and Mrs McCourt came up to the event and it was really fantastic, as you can hopefully see from the photos below:

Well done to all involved in this celebration of who we are!

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Last night - 11 Rigby - Year 7 Awards

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