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Feb 6, 2018

Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

7 Dorothy - candle joke - Overwhelm

Even in St. Julie's, some days stand out more than others and this was definintely one of them!  It all started with the 7 Dorothy Assembly about St. Valentine that I referred to yesterday.  It was simply magnificent!

 7 Dorothy came back into the Chapel during their RE lesson in period 2 for a bit of a session about the Paschal Candle!  They were absolutely superb - very attentive and willing to join in - as we learned about the symbolism of this precious item.  It also gave me the opportunity my one and only candle joke. 

"I don't like candles!"

  'Why not?'

  "They get on my wick!"


It didn't get much of a positive reaction from 7 Dorothy apart from Millie who fell into paroxysms of laughter - extra merits for her!



We even had a procession in the Notre Dame Chapel re-enacting what takes place each Easter Saturday evening!   Thanks to Miss Skillen and what is surely the most enthusiastic form in the school!


Some of 7 Dorothy returned yet again at lunchtime for Overwhelm's practice.  We were getting ready for the Ash Wednesday Services tomorrow.  Yes, I know it's not Ash Wednesday but, as that's in half term we should really do something to mark the forthcoming season of Lent!  So tomorrow is NOT Ash Wednesday and we're having NOT Ash Wednesday Services throughout the day when the ashes form last year's palms will be distributed.  All will be welcome!

Anyway, Overwhelm were great - a total joy to be with!



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