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Jan 30, 2018

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018

Sacred Time with 11 Arrowsmith - Overwhelm(ed)

It's always to good to visit old friends and today it felt a bit like visiting old friends when I joined 11 Arrowsmith for Sacred Time.  Although their brilliant Form Tutor wasn't with them today, Mr Daley did a great job with this exceptional form.  Various members of the form contributed by reading and everyone was very attentive and respectful of others.  We also had the opportunity to write the names of people and/or situations we were concerned about and wante dto think or pray about.  This has been a feature of this form's Sacred Time for at least the last four years.  Special shout out to Amy who bothered to say "That was really good, Sir" to Mr Daley.  

Lunchtime was a bit hectic - in 25 minutes, the Overwhelm team managed to sort out setting up mics, mic stands with double mic holders, a mixer, the laptop, music stands and also learn a new hymn including Kelsey learning to play the bass guitar to that new hymn!  It was sensational - a lovely bunch of young people who will do great things n the service of others, I'm sure.  

I was reminded of the potential of music ministry to move people's hearts when I was watching over the Advent Service in the Cathedral from December 2016.  The St. Julie's Team was just amazing - helping people to celebrate and reflect on the birth of Jesus and just what it means over two thousand years later.  It's so important that Jesus doesn't get stuck in the past but hat his story impacts on people now - for his way of 'treating others as you'd like to be treated' is surely one crucial strand in making the world a better place!

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