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Jan 16, 2018

Tuesday, 16th January, 2018

7 Rigby

What a great start to any day it was!

7 Rigby (Mr Boyden's Form) had been working very hard to put together an assembly on our Mission Statement theme this week, Safety and Security!

Every member of the Form was involved and they came in early to get set up and were absolutely superb!

The assembly involved a quiz, placards, a bible story (the one where Jesus calmed the storm), prayers, a hymn (My Lighthouse) and the Form's own top tips video.  Here it is:



It was a really outstanding assembly which came out of hard work, creativity and a determination to see things through.

We've all seen Form Assemblies where there is a line of reluctant students speaking too quietly and too fast, reading stuff they haven't researched or written, not engaging with the congregation, with a powerpoint that has every word said on with a token prayer tagged on at the end.  This assembly by 7 Rigby was magnificent and would definitely have been graded 'outstanding' by any visiting inspectors.  More importantly, it served the people who attended.  They got a chance to reflect, to celebrate and to learn!   I hope 7 Rigby will take this experience and use it well in the future.  They've totally raised the bar for Form Assemblies!

 Congratulations to all who participated, especially the core group of planners who have been on the case since before Christmas!