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Nov 9, 2017

Friday, 10th November, 2017

Wed Ref - Where is the love - Remembrance panic - pizza - Olivia O heroine paramedic -
Quite a day!  When I got in we tried broadcasting the Remembrance Service over the PA and it was definitely not right so a decision was made to deliver the service another way, namely by adding some images to the audiop and making it a video which could then be e-mailed out to members of staff.  (That makes it sound dead easy but it was a bit of a panic really as the editing tends to take longer that you might imagine.)
Just after I'd started the process, I knocked off to go to Wednesday Reflection (I know - it was Friday - but it had needed re-arranging!)  And how glad I was to take those few minutes to pray under the guidance of Mr Willis who challenged participants to wear a sticking plaster as a reminder of someone who is broken-hearted at the moment, and maybe do something to help soothe their pain and calm the sotrms around thing in some way.
Straight after that, I headed to Sacred Time with 13 Cecelia and appropriately enough, they sang! (St. Cecelia is the patron saint of musicians!)   The song was "Where is the love" which features words from the Sermon on the Mount.  I wonder if you know which lyrics.   Here's the song anyway for you to check out (4 mins 36 secs):

Soem joined in more than others, but it was a lovely time!  Megan wrapped it up with a prayer.  (By the way, the words from the Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5-7 -are "Turn the other cheek!")
Then it was back to the editing. By now time was running short and the heart rate was very definitely raised!  However, in the nick of time, it was finished, rendered and sent out to staff.  Here is all 6 mins and 30 seconds of it: 

 The 1804 Society gathered in the Dorothy Stang Theatre along with Y7 and their staff and they saw the same video as everyone else in school - laying wreaths and dipping flags during the poignant reminder of sacrifice.   I believe there was another gathering in the LRC and another in the admin office along with all the classrooms - including the Sports Hall where the giant screens showed their first video.  I think it's fair to say that we as a school remembered!

Towarst he end of lunch I was called into the 6th Form Cyber Cafe by a lovely bunch who offered me a piece of pepperoni pizza!  The pizza was great and the company delightful - thanks to all of you!

A little later, I was fortunate to have a chat with a Sixth Former who was telling me about her hobby as a St. John's Ambulance First Aider. The skills she'd learned with SJA came to good use when last weekend as she and her mum were leaving town and came across an accident scene.  Olivia leapt out of the car to attend to a cyclist who had fallen off and been injured.  Her mum took control of the surroundings and was directing traffic!  Eventually, the paramedics arrived and Olivia continued to help.  She made a difference but it's not just the skills I admire. I also appreciate the marvellous attitude required to intervene!  She's a top notch human being to unselfishly help someone in distress like that!  Big shout out for mum, too, Olivia!  

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