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Nov 9, 2017

Thursday, 9th November, 2017

6th Form Responders - final recording -

I really appreciate the way our community responds to a challenge or request and this morning I had reason once more to be in awe of some students!  I'd been in to 6th Form Assembly to make an announcement about Redemptorist Youth Ministry.  This is a group run in Bishop Eton for people betweent he ages of 18-40.  (You won't be surprised to know that I don't qualify!)   Anyway, they are doing a Homeless Mission night when they take sleeping bags, food, blankets etc and distribute them among the homeless in our city.  More importantly in some ways, they spend time listening to these vulnerable sisters and brothers of ours.  In assembly I asked if anyone was interested so I could signpost them to the group and three wonderful people responded.  So well done to Ellie, Rebecca and Tegan.  I must stress this is not a school event - and we are merely passing on information.  You can check it out on Facebook at the page entitled - Natasha Anita RYM.  

Today also marked the final bit of recording and mixing for the Remembrance Service tomorrow which will be broadcast into every area of the school via the PA.  We tested the final audio file after school and it was great in some areas but kept dropping out in others.  I think we'd better have another test tomorrow morning just to iron out any problems.  It should however be a special event and recording with the members of staff and students has been a real privilege!