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Sep 28, 2017

Wednesday, 27th September, 2017

Wed Ref - Music Ministry - Y8 lesson (covenant)

Wednesday Reflection was based this morning on the theme of World Tourism Day!

The word 'tour' actually comes from the French word for 'lathe' which is a tool which rotates at considerable speed.  Not all tours are done at breakneck speed though and we thought about the journeys of Jesus and St. Julie - both of whom covered significant distances on foot!

We also thought about the Tour de France which is a 2,200 mile bicycle race which started this year in ........ Germany!   I know, it's mad isn't it but, in recent years, le Tour has started outside of France.  It was in Yorkshire last year!

I always though that in a bike race, basically you just pedalled as hard as you could and the best one won.  However, it's not really like that.  Cycling at that level is very much a team sport.  Each team has a leader - who is expected to do well - and the rest of the team will sacrifice their own chances to make sure the leader excels.  One of the ways they do that is by sheltering the leader form the wind.  Apparently, properly sheltered by teammates a leader uses 30% less energy in keeping up.   These non-leaders are known as 'domestiques' and they will pass food and drinks to the leader.  They will even give up their bike for him if he gets a puncture.

You know, I think that all our staff here have a 'domestique' mentality. We're here to shelter the students, to provide nourishment and they often sacrifice their own time and well-being so that the students get to exmas, performances, competitions etc in the best shape possible.  So a big shout out to our staff!

At lunchtime, I had a practice for the Inclusive Mass on Sunday with a couple of Sixth Formers who have volunteered to help lead the singing at this most joyous of occasions.  Practising with them was a joy!

At the end of the day, I popped into Ms Skillen's RE class who were dealing with the difficult topic of the old and new covenant!  They were just fantastic as they asked questions and teased out what it was all about.  An absolute pleasure to spend time with them - big shoutouts to Faye, Faye and Lula!  Between us, we kind of worked out that God's relationship with humanity became more mellow - with the emphasis not on the keeping of rules but on loving others.  In a sense, the Old Testament Ten COmmandments can be covered by living out the Golden Rule to 'treat others as you'd like to be treated'.  So thanks, Year 8 - I'd love to re-visit soon.