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Jul 14, 2017

Friday, 14th July, 2017

Final Friday .....

And so - here we are, the day has come when students leave the current site and it was a great day - full of emotion!

It started with the last bacon butty!  Mr Willis and I have a treat each Friday - and Mrs Williams always looks after us so well!

Then it was onto Final Friday - Hymns Old and New - more of that later!

Then Year 7 Merit Assembly which was just great!  It always good to praise and reward people and this assembly was just so special as so many of our young people kept coming forward to receive acclaim.  Special shout out to Izzy who had the most Merits and Commendations in the entire school!  Thanks to Mrs Rooney, Mrs Sewell and to Miss Bennett for leading the assembly.

 Then (and there seem to be a lot of 'then's in this blog) it was bubble wrapping statues time!  A new experience for me and I was very grateful for the help from Katie, Sophie, Izzy and Georgia - who did a splendid job of wrapping and protecting our statues - which remind us of the saints!

Anyway, back to Hymns Old and New.  This was lovely as we sang Soul of My Saviour - which was the very first hymn we sang when we started this monthly event on Friday, 5th September, 2014.  It's a musical setting of 14th century words that St. Julie would surely have known and prayed.  We then recited Psalm 63 - which includes the words "Let me see you in the sanctuary" and "I will sing glad songs of praise to you".

We had even Facetimed Miss Roberts and the people on the New York trip to wish them well.  They said they were going to sing on the way to the plane!

Then (there it is again) we sang the first song I ever sang here "Be still for the presence of the Lord".  It's just so beautiful and rally does draw us into a sense of God's presence.  It's based on a story in Genesis 28 when Jacob had a dream in which he saw a stairway to heaven.  After the dream, he awoke declaring: 

"surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it."

I am sure most if us go around unaware of God's presence but that doesn't mean Go isn't there.  Jacob went on to say:

"How awesome is this place!  This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven."

And that's how I feel leaving this Chapel.  (This is what one pupil wrote in Miss McKean's class to day.  How beautiful is that?!)

Our session finished with a candle and cake!  I invited Mr Alderman to blow out the 2017 Paschal candle but to make a wish for our school before extinguishing it.  Of course, he wasn't allowed to tell us his wish but maybe you could make your own wish for the future - for your summer and beyond!

God bless everyone!  Can't wait to see you in September!  Missing you already!


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