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Jul 11, 2017

Tuesday, 11th July, 2017

Chapel - food - hymns

One of the great things about this job is that you never quite know what's going to happen each day.  Today was no exception.  I'd e-mailed myself a list last night of what to try to accomplish during the day but about 8:20 that particular list went partially by the wayside some of our builders came to school to remove some of the stained glass windows from The Chapel.  These windows are being transplanted to The Chapel in our new building but the builders needed accompanying throughout the day so that's how the day has gone.

I did escape for a short while to visit Mrs Whitfield, Mrs Forde and their Y7 class who were doing the final practical in the Food Technology Room.  Miss had asked me to go up there for a short prayer and it was a reall honour to be asked to do that.  We reflected on the importance of food to humans - it being the very stuff of life.  We thought about those who would be hungry today in our world.   We then reflected on all the thousands of students who had learnt about what food to eat, how to prepare it and the skills they had developed in that room over the decades.   Any year 7 child when the Sisters of Notre Dame came here in 1969 would be approaching 60 now and may have fed their families - children and grandchildren - an uncountable number of meals.  When we think of it like that, what an impact this classroom and the teachers within have had on so many lives.  Think of all those birthday cakes which have been baked using the skills acquired in that place and all those wishes that have been made prior to blowing the candles out.  

This short visit ended with a prayer and was a truly blessed time in which tears were shed and hearts were moved!


Anyway, back to The Chapel.  It was great to see builders Alex and Rob (how I would have loved it if he was Bob) take out the windows with such care and reverence.  It will be great to see those windows in our new Chapel and hopefully they will spark memories in years to come of events in this sacred space.  I've got so many - year group assemblies, Leavers' Masses, First Friday, Wednesday Reflection, Rosary in May, Stations of the Cross in Lent, Y11 Celebrations, lunchtime activities and Open Night when, without fail, visitors are wowed by The Chapel, unable to believe that a school has such a place as this.

One of my favoruite times though is when I get to be in The Chapel alone and just sit there reflecting on all who have been before us in this place.  This is often when I play my guitar and it's here that I wrote the last two hymns in my repertoire.  I'd love torecord these with female voices so if any of you are up to that, come along and catch me this week.

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