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Nov 29, 2014

Friday, 28th November, 2014

Moving assembly, lunchtime singing and Advent Calendar stuff!

First of all, a big thanks to Mr Harvey for his form's moving assembly - a beautifully synced powerpoint and music which explored the notion of poverty and hunger and which challenged us to do something about it!  Certainly, Mrs Mannings drive and passion for our local foodbank Hope +  is bearing fruit and over the next few weeks, let's try to make a big difference by bringing in those extra bits and pieces.  

I really enjoyed some lovely conversations today - with some fabulous human beings - although I must continue to work hard on remembering names!  Since I tend to see people in different places at irregular times, it can be hard to associate names and faces!  So please stop me around school and challenge me to remember and give me easy things to associate with you!  I will get there!  

Lunchtime was a lot of fun - singing over some of the carols that we will use in our Advent Service on 11th December.  That's going to be one busy day because Y7 have been invited to the Cathedral in the afternoon to join other schools for the Archdiocesan Advent Service.  Then, in the evening, it's Y11/Y13 awards presentation!  Lots to look forward to!

I spent a lot of the day sorting out, uploading and sequencing our video Advent Calendar since Advent starts on Sunday!  You can find it on this Chaplaincy website by clicking below or on the menu bar at the tope of the page!  Have a lovely weekend.