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Stand as one

Stand as one

Category: Make a Difference | Date: Jun 20, 2017

OXFAM are running a campaign entitled Stand as One.

This gives us a chance to write a postcard to the local MP, urging them to help refugees in the UK be reunited with their families. OXFAM will post it on our behalf.

Right now, millions of people have been forced to flee violence and conflict. Many families have been pushed into poverty, forced to take unsafe routes and torn apart in their search for a safe haven. Those who make it to the UK, find it even harder to be reunited with their loved ones.

In times of trouble, you need your family by your side. You can help refugee families stay together and safe.


If you feel you want to write a postcard, with your family's permission, then click the link below.  

(Make sure you use the school's address and don't give out personal details.)