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Our weekly theme and some words of St. Julie

Our weekly theme and some words of St. Julie

Category: Chaplaincy | Date: Nov 6, 2015

Our Mission Statement focus is on how we don't just respect diversity but how we embrace it!  It's quite a challenge, isn't it, to do that.  Most of us are happy to respect others and the differences between.  It's seems impossible to embrace the differences, especially when people might have very different ideas to us, but remember it's the fact that we live in a society where diversity is accepted which we embrace.


The words of St. Julie for this week are:

It's so appropriate that this comes up in the week we consider diversity since embracing diversity is all about appreciating others and their customs and values.  When we live in a world where everyone values every human being as a gift, something precious, then we won't be going from conflict to conflict. 

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