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Our weekly theme and some words of St. Julie

Our weekly theme and some words of St. Julie

Category: Chaplaincy | Date: Oct 18, 2015

Our Mission Statement focus is on how we look after the world and all who live in it, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

It provides another reminder to us to consider contributing to the Hope+ foodbank.

The words of St. Julie for this week follow on from previous weeks when we explored St. Julie's belief that we need something more than courage - patience being one such desirable quality.  This week we reflect on the following:

So what does it mean to be simple?  Does it mean naive?  Does it mean not very clever? Is a simple heart one which follows very straightforward principles like loving one's neighbour and treating others well and giving others the benefit of the doubt?

Whatever it is, it seems St. Julie wanted it to go along with doing our best!  So how good are you at that?

Here's a song which includes words about being simple of heart!  Do the words describe you in anyway or anyone you know?

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