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Our weekly theme and some words from St. Julie

Our weekly theme and some words from St. Julie

Category: Chaplaincy | Date: Oct 11, 2015

Our Mission Statement focus is on Faith, Prayer and Reflection and how we can express these in words and action!  What better way to express the shared human belief in the dignity of each human being than by contributing to the Hope+ foodbank.

The words of St. Julie for this week follow on from last week when we explored St. Julie's belief that we need something more than courage!  This week we reflect on the following:

So how good are you at being patient?  Already Christmas items are appearing in shops.  Have you put in a Christmas request?  Can you wait patiently?  If you see something you really like, how patient are you in waiting till you can afford it?  

What causes you to lose patience?  Do you know anyone who has patience?  Is it a good personality trait?  (It's one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Do you know any of the others? Here's a song where those fruits are listed in the third verse!)



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