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Chapel Club this week!

Chapel Club this week!

Category: Chaplaincy | Date: May 10, 2015

Our Mission Statement theme for the week focuses on faith, prayer and reflection!  Why not give yourself  just a couple of minutes of silent reflection each day this week. 

St. Julie's Words of the Week are: 
"If you do not cultivate the interior spirit, you will never do anything of much value!"
Maybe this is another reminder to us to spend time thinking about ourselves.  I guess the more we are comfortable with our selves, the easier it is to be at ease with others and the world around us. 

There are morning as well as lunchtime activities this week!

Monday - 8:20 - Rosary - come along and join in with our rosary journey through May!  If you've not tried it before, why not give it a go.  It lasts for just 5 minutes and is a lovely way to start the day! (Don't worry if you haven't got rosary beads - we have some you can borrow.)

Monday lunchtime - GOSPEL GOSSIP where we look at the gospel of the week - a rather challenging one about Jesus' commandment to us to love one another!

Tuesday - 8:20 - Rosary 

Tuesday lunchtime - NO chapel Club - I'm out with the athletics team!

Wednesday - 8:20 - Wednesday Reflection - a short service led this week by Miss Douglas.

Wednesday lunchtime - there will be a service marking St. Julie' Billiart's Feast Day!

Thursday - 8:20 - Rosary

Thursday lunchtime - MEDITATION DAY in Chapel Club - a great chance to (I believe the word is) 'chillax!'  This might be especially good for those facing exams.

Friday - 8:20 - Rosary

Friday lunchtime is HYMN KARAOKE!

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