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Drama at Cathedral!

Drama at Cathedral!

Category: Chaplaincy | Date: May 7, 2015

On Wednesday, 6th May, Overload and Mini-Overload (our Drama groups here at St. Julie’s) went to the wonderful Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King to participate in the annual Good Shepherd Mass.   This service celebrates all the wonderful work done by Nugent Care and this year’s theme was “Family”.  

Over a thousand children and their teachers gathered with Archbishop Malcolm McMahon and they were treated to a powerfully reflective piece of drama written by our own Miss Douglas!  The drama focused on different types of family and how each of these types is as important as the others. 

We were reminded that many biblical characters (Jesus included) had family lives that were not the traditional, saccharine sweet stereotype of mum, dad and two children living in perfect harmony.  Georgia and Caitlin narrated the piece which movingly expressed the ups and downs of family life and how precious it is!

Mr Pearson had fashioned three purple doors that were integral to the piece and which added visual impact.

The reaction of the congregation was fantastic and the Archbishop gave a special mention to our fantastic drama groups during his thanks.  More importantly, people were moved and challenged to think about family life in the lead up to the Second Synod on Family Life to be held in Rome in October this year.

Thanks to all who supported this event including, of course, Mrs Leyland who drove the minibus and Colin, our caretaker who along with Mr Pearson dealt with the not inconsiderable challenge of fitting three doors and their frames into the minibus!

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