St. Julie's Catholic High School Chaplaincy


International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Date: Dec 2, 2017 13:30:00

Slavery - didn't that end about 200 years ago?

Erhh, no!

A 2 minute video about this issue in our country!


A Prayer for this Day

Lord Jesus, we ask you to draw alongside all at risk today of being convinced by false hope, empty promises and manipulative lies from those they trust or want to trust because the now holds too little hope to feel safe.

Strong defender and watchful friend, we ask you to protect all at risk today of being drugged or forcibly taken by those they know or do not know who seek to use them for profit.
All-seeing, all-knowing, all powerful God, we long to see your justice come. Confuse the wicked and frustrate their plans so those who have few friends and little opportunity are prevented from falling into the wrong hands.
We long for today to be a day where no one is taken prisoner, no one is bought or sold and no one is taken far from home or trapped by a false dream that quickly becomes a nightmare.

Almighty protector, we ask these things in your precious, rescuing name.