St. Julie's Catholic High School Chaplaincy


World Food Day

Date: Oct 16, 2018 13:45:00

On World Food Day:

Let us quieten our minds and open our hearts to the reality of hunger in the world today.

Take a moment to reflect on your own experience of hunger.

When was the last time you knew hunger?

Where were you?

Who was with you?

Why were you hungry?

How did it affect you physically?

How did it feel?

Recall that feeling and let it unite you with all those who are hungry in the world at this moment.

In your prayer bring your loving attention to human beings who are living at the edge of survival due to lack of bread, rice or even a
simple meal.


Some resources:

A video looking at how problems of migration can be solved by ensuring food security.  (1 min 3 secs)

A challenging film about wastage!  Could this day be a start to reducing wastage in your life? (3 mins 15 secs)


A prayer for World Food Day

Hunger feels like pincers,
like the bite of crabs,
it burns, burns and has no fire.

Hunger is a cold fire.

Let us sit down soon to eat
with all those who haven’t eaten;
let us spread great tablecloths,
put salt in the lakes of the world,
set up planetary bakeries,
tables with strawberries in snow,
and a plate like the moon itself
from which we can all eat.

For now I ask no more
than the justice of eating.

-Excerpt from “The Great Tablecloth”