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Nov 27, 2014

Thursday, 27th November, 2014

Y8 Guardian Angels!

Well, Advent is just around the corner!  It starts on Sunday, of course, but Advent calendars start on Monday, 1st December!  It was good to hear in my wander round the dining halls this morning that so many of you have got Advent calendars at the ready!  One Sixth Former told me you can get Advent calendars with treats for your pet dog!  That's something I didn't know but now feel I must respond for Diego - our black labrador!

I had a lovely experience spending time with 8T - Miss Douglas' Form for Sacred Time.  The theme was Guardian Angels and Miss Douglas challenged us to be guardian angels to each other so we did a 'secret Santa' sort of thing and now we have to look out for the person whose name we got.  Sacred Time ended with a prayer written and led by Danelli and Chloe C before we all prayed the Hail Mary.  Thanks, 8T - it was good to be with you! 

It was very exciting today to see one of our architectural team having a look around our lovely chapel.  Hopefully the team will do a great job in designing something just as special.  Of course, our present chapel is steeped in decades of prayer and what a responsibility we have when we move to a new chapel to pour more prayer into our new sacred space so that the stones themselves will sing praise to God!