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Nov 25, 2014

Tuesday, 25th November, 2014

7R, 8T, shoeboxes and one month to Christmas!

Well, here we are on the 25th November!  The next 25th we experience is Christmas Day and I'm a bit scared at how much there is to do before then!

I was on a course in Liverpool yesterday - learning goes on throughout life - and so I had some catching up to do today.

Anyway, the morning started with a run through with 7R and Mrs Boardman-Jones in The Chapel in preparation for tomorrow's Y7 assembly.  I think it's going to be fab - watch this space!

I then had a quick dash to Miss Cominsky's class for Sacred Time and thanks to them for listening and for identifying the celebrities who had been on the receiving end of bullies!  Thankfully, those bullies did not win the day - as they certainly shouldn't and Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Tom Daley and Taylor Swift have succeeded in life far beyond those who taunted them!  Have a look at the video below!

Throughout the day, shoeboxes kept arriving and the total stands at an impressive 93.  Thanks to The Chapel Club who helped transport them at lunchtime from my office to The Chapel.  

This afternoon, I had a delivery of some stuff we'll be using in Advent!  It was comprehensively wrapped and it took some time to reveal the items!  Thanks to Faye and Isobel - our student receptionists for the day - for helping!   I also got my St. Julie's hoodie although maybe I shouldn't wear this purple attire until next week when we start Advent!  More on that in due course!  Bye for now!