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Jul 12, 2018

Thursday, 5th July, 2018

Awards - take me home!

Last night's meal ended with our Rome 2018 Awards Ceremony with participants honoured for all kinds of things including:

'the keeping going award'

'the most likely to respond with a smile award'

the 'I wish I'd worn my shoes in award'

'the most grumpy when tired award' (for which there were a few candidates!)

'the on time, every time award'

'the pout, pose and tilt award' (for devoted practitioners of the selfie)

'the Bear Ghrylls navigation award'.


Thankfully everyone entered into the spirit of the awards and much applause and laughter ensued.

Some took the chance for a final look round Rome at night - which is really fantastic - and others headed to their beds for some much needed packing and resting!


This morning, it was the start of the long journey home and the team was fantastic.  Everyone hit the time deadlines and last minute shopping at the airport was enjoyed by many including one member of staff in particular.

We arrived back at St. Julie's on a hot afternoon and thankfully all the participants were collected by their loved ones and they surely had stories to tell!   Next year, we're going to Rome to mark the 50th anniversary of the canonisation of Julie Billiart!  That is going to be something else again!!!



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