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Jul 11, 2018

Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

Vatican - Dome - Spanish Steps

Another lovely breakfast on the terrace of our hotel in Rome.  How do they make the pastries so good?   

It was pretty exciting getting the Metro this morning in the rush hour and our coloured caps were worth their weight in gold.   They just made it easy for each member of staff to keep track of where everyone was and for each participant to stick close in the pandemonium of the Roman commute!

It was worth it as we arrived at Ottaviano Station and made our way to the Vatican Museums.  We took the shortcut - it's still quite a trek - to the Sistine Chapel but we did pass two of my favourite rooms: the Tapestry room and the Map room.  The former contains huge creations relating on one side of the corridor to events in the life of Jesus and opposite, events relating to one of the Popes are the subject!  They liked putting their oar in when it came to public recognition! 

The Map room is 120 metres long and is gently sloping downwards with the most magnificent predominantly gold ceiling you could ever imagine!

From there, it was the Sistine Chapel with its famous ceiling and altar wall depicting the Last Judgement! 

We then took another shortcut to St Peter's where we tried to hand over our headsets to no avail.  No-one seemed to want them back!  St. Peter's is wonderful and some of our students had wow moments sensing a connection with the man who walked with Jesus.

There's so much more to tell but after climbing the Dome 551 steps and coming back to the hotel via the Spanish Steps, that's maybe enough for now!


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