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Jul 11, 2018

Tuesday, 3rd July, 2018

It's Katie's birthday - walking with blisters - Colosseum - gelato - Sephora
It was Katie's birthday today and how lovely to have some of the Y11 contingent in Rome to sing Happy Birthday to my daughter!
A great day all round really, with some heroic efforts from people with blisters as they hauled themselves round the historic and awe-inspiring city of Rome!
(I must admit that while they were undoubtedly brave, these courageous souls had not been smart souls who read, listened and responded to the numerous pre-trip instructions about having suitable footwear for substantial walking!)

I think my highpoint of the day was visiting the Church of St. Ignatius with its apparently vaulted roof.  I say apparently because it's all a trick of the artist who successfully painted the flat ceiling to make it look like it swung up high into the heavens!

But, I loved the Trevi Fountain too!

And, mind you, the Colosseum was spectacular with Mrs Mason being a brilliant tour guide complete with walkytalky earphones stuff!   Lunch was pretty good too at the Coming Out Bar - lovely people, lovely food, lovely service!

And - tea was lovely too as were the ice creams we got at Farini's.

I've got a feeling though that the highpoint for the younger members of our squad was the time they spent in Sephora!   All those weary, blistered, aching legs and feet somehow didn't matter any more when retail therapy kicked in!  It may not have been quite as spectactular as the raisin go Lazarus but it wasn't that far off!

There are some photos of me with a Sephora bag - another bit of fake news giving the impression that I am 'down with the kids' but I am so not!!!!

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It's Katie's birthday - walking with blisters - Colosseum - gelato - Sephora
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