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Jun 29, 2018

Thursday, 28th June, 2018

Y10 - Pride
Today is the feast of Saints Peter and Paul - two unlikely heores of the Christian faith.  St Peter was the headstrong, impulsive fisherman who Jesus chose as to lead after he had gone.  St. Paul was the academic one who never met Jesus but who initially thought he and his followers needed to be eradicated.  He changed his mind however.  That's a good lesson for us as sometimes we do need to change our minds on issues in the light of new information.

Today's assembly was with Y10 - a lovely year group who arrived at St. Julie's the same day I did!  It's hard to imagine them as Year 11 students in September! I was honoured to lead the Pride assembly again and their attentiveness was just excellent.

At lunchtime, our Pride Month events drew to a climax with the rather spendid art project involving handprints.  It was good to have so many show solidarity with the LGBT+ community and Rainbow Flat Julie even popped in to feature in a few photos!  Well done especially to the Year 9s who organised this along with Ms Dooley.  You can see the various canvases around the school (including the Chapel).