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Jun 29, 2018

Wednesday, 27th June, 2018

Assembly - synagogue - Cathedral
Well, following on from yesterday's challenges (and deliverance), I got in early to practise assembly and this time, it felt good.  My mindset was further enhanced by Mrs Rooney's brilliant Wednesday Reflection.  Mrs R led us in a mindfulness exercise through an app.  It was a great way to just 'reset' if I may allude to events earlier this week.
Then Y9 were fantastic in assembly, very attentive and it was a pleasure being with them.  It was good to be able to pay tribute to Identity and the way they have helped us to learn so much from Pride Month.  It was good too, to think about how amazing each of us - created to be who we are by a loving creator who wants only the best for us.  For many in the LGBT+ community, the ideas of friendship, enjoyment and welcome (our Mission Statement theme of the week) have been elusive because of attitudes of ignorance, fear and outright hostility over the decades.  It was good to have thchance to explore some of this in assembly.
After assembly, the school chaplain became the minibus driver as Year 10 students under the leadership of Mrs Mason headed off for the synagogue and a splendid learning experience it was.  Then it was off to Sefton Park for a picnic lunch then onto the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King where the group were fantastically focused and eager to learn.  It was a super day.
We got back just in time for me to touch base with the 1804 Society who are still working on the International Peace Garden Project.

The day hurtled on to a meeting with parents for our latest trip to Namur - home of the Mother House of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur!  That's on Tuesday, 17th July and it's going to be fab!

Then it was on to LACE (Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation) for a mass celebrating and gving thanks for those members of staff across the archdiocese who are retiring.  Our own Mrs Hardiman was among them this year and how she will be missed!

The long day drew to a close with a visit to the chippy!

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