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Jun 19, 2018

Tuesday, 19th June, 2018

9 Dorothy - 8 Rigby Dem Friends - Peace

The very wonderful 9 Dorothy let me join them for Sacred Time today and I arrived in the middle of their regular reading session and what a lovely calm atmosphere there was.  Gemma and Liv led Sacred Time inviting us to reflect on aspects of Pride Month where we do indeed celebrate the rich diversity of God's people which is very much in keeping with our Mission Statement.  As well as providing some information, the two leaders showed us this 4 minute video called "In a Heartbeat"


A little later on I was doing the hosting of visitors in the Chapel for our resuming Dementia Friends Information Programme.  8 Rigby with Miss Buckton also attending were simply marvellous - attenitive and responsive, they committed to be Dementia Friends and I'm sure they'll wear their badges with pride.  Next week, it's 8 Dorothy.

Here's the prayer we closed with:



There was also another meeting with the 1804 Society teasing out how to make the most of our International Peace Garden.  There were some good ideas floating around and the homework set had most definitely been done!  We ended up with over 30 categories and all involved were challenged to reflect on how to present relevant, inspirational and challenging information!