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Jun 4, 2018

Thursday 24th May, 2018

Rome 2019 and Leavers 2018

A breathless day indeed as Rome 2019 events started to take shape!   There were some drop outs so the reserve list has been  called into action.  

The most exciting thing today however, was the arrival of the new 1804 Society robes and stoles which seem fabulous!  Fortunately Sr Margaret was around and it was good to show them off to her and to chat about the whole 1804 thing.   Of course, 1804 was the year the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur were founded, but not in Namur.  It's a story often told but the SND were actually founded in Amiens but there was a bit of a fallout with the Bishop of Amiens which meant that the Sisters had to make the tough decision to move to another country, Belgium, which is where Namur comes in.  We've got a trip going there in July!

Preparations for the Leavers Mass 2018 are well in hand and it should be a really special event - very much enhanced by the Y13 students who are involved in leading the celebration.  It was a pleasure practising some music with them - so thanks Tilly, Charlotte, Tara and Lucy!  



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