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May 9, 2018

Wednesday, 9th May, 2019

Rome again!!!!  Maria and Caitlin - Rosary - Overwhelm

Goodness me!  Rome seems to be very much occupying my thoughts and time at the moment but next week I'm going to do a preliminary visit to suss things out for the Rome parties of 2018 and 2019.

So, I'll be in Rome on the day of the first GCSE exam, so Year 11 - I'll pray for you there and find a church (no shortage there) and light a candle for you all!

For Wednesday Reflection, we did the rosary - the first Luminous Mystery - the baptism of Jesus.  These mysteries are supposed to shed light on who Jesus was.  The baptism is a really interesting passage where we encounter Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the space of a few words in Mark's Gospel.  What I like about this event is that Jesus responded to it by going away and having a think about things.  He went into the desert for 40 days.  You might imagine that, having heard the voice of God declaring "This is my Son" and seeing the Holy Spirit come over him, Jesus would be highly motivated to charge out and start his ministry, preaching and healing and generally making the world a better place!  No, he went off for a think, a long think.  I guess we all sometimes need time to think about stuff before acting on it.  Promises made and words spoken in haste can be somewhat problematic.


Today I witnessed a first - the first Maria House Assembly led by Caitlin from the 1804 Society who was simply magnificent!  She led with such assurance and authority - a privilege to be there to see her reveal some of the important features of the life of St. Maria Goretti - the youngest ever saint!  Caitlin also launched a competition to design a stained glass window which will adorn the Notre Dame Chapel.  What a prize.  Just imagine 25 years or so from now, the winner will be able to come to St. Julie's) on one of our Open Evenings and point out to their daughter the window they designed when they were a student here!  Thanks, Caitlin - you were amazing!


It was musos day at Overwhelm today, although plenty of the singers came anyway.  Well done to Kelsey, Kim and April who are becoming a really tight little band, learning really quickly.  Keep it up!  

Gosh, halfway to the weekend already!  Enjoy the rest of the week!