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May 1, 2018

Monday, 30th April, 2018

Y11 - Caitlin Hannah Robyn Isabella (friendship) - Robe

What a lovely assembly by 11 Maria - Mr Shinks' Form.  It was perfectly pitched and delivered excellently by Hannah, Caitlin and Robyn aided by Isabella on flicker!  Part of what made it good was that the leaders came to have a practice in the Notre Dame Chapel beforehand.  That makes such a difference and they read beautifully. 

Sometimes our readers hurtle through the passage as if it's a time trial to be completed as quickly as possible.  But, in my opinion - in assemblies and services - you can read too fast BUT you can never read too slowly! 


It was another day of robe trying on and the overall response has been very favourable indeed!  I'll try to pop some photos on here at some point.


Tomorrow sees the start of May so here's an invitation: