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Apr 25, 2018

Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

8 Therese ST - Namur

It was Sacred Time with the delightful 8 Therese today - who are nurtured by the one and only Mr Fleming!  

You may not know this but Mr Fleming is the most gifted of guitarists among many other things.  Why not ask him to play for you sometime in class?  I'm sure he's got lots of really appropriate songs to stir the soul and point a light on important issues!

Anyway, 8 Therese have a lovely ritual that they started on day 1 of their St. Julie's career!  Two members of the Form are given an address label to take home.  They are challenged to think about people and situations which might be in particular need of prayer.  They then compose a short prayer and write it on the label. Then, in Sacred Time, they read them out and stick them in the Class Prayer Book.  It's a genius idea and one worth trying in your own forms.


There was quite a bit of sorting out relating to a possible trip to Namur in July.  Unfortunately, spaces are limited but there will be more trips coming up.