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Apr 22, 2018

Thursday, 19th April, 2018

Marathon Assembly - Awards Evening

Well, the day started with a marathon assembly - or should I say assembly about the marathon that iconic 26.2 mile running race which humans take on.  Olivia, Olivia, Libby and Emily were brilliant in explaining different features of the event and in the prayers.  We prayed especially for our Y11 and Y13 students who are entering the last phases of their marathon education journeys with GCSEs and A levels just around the corner.

The assembly had two focal points - an amazing runner called Kathy Switzer and a scene from the 2017 London Marathon.

Kathy was the first woman to enter the Boston America in the USA in 1967 at a time when women were not considered strong enough to run a marathon so marathons were men only.  This sounds so ridiculous to us now but attitudes were different.  Remember at the same time in our country, woemn were paid less than men for doing the same jobs!  Anyway, Kathy sent in her application form writing honestly that her name was KV Switzer.  Of course, there was no gender box to tick so the organisers thought KV Switzer was a man and sent a number - 261!   On the start line, Kathy stood there surrounded by male athletes.  For one official, Jock Semple, this was too much and after the race had started he tried to grab her number on the course.  Fortunately, the other runners had Kathy's back and refused to let that happen.  Kathy finished the marathon and the pictures of the official trying to stop her went around the world and kick-started a conversation about women athletes.  5 years later, women were allowed into the Boston Marathon and in 1973, Kathy ran again this time officially!  On the start line, she was greeted by the same Jock Semple who had tried to stop her.  Jock's attitude had changed and Kathy had forgiven him.  One person really can achieve a great deal!   

I'll write about the London Marathon next week - it's on this coming Sunday!


Anyway, Y10 were great and Libby, Emily, Olivia MH and Olivia S helped out by reading fluently and with clarity so thanks to them.


At the end of the day, the Ofsted visitors went and we look forward to hearing their official report!


It's a shame they didn't stay for our Annual Awards Evening which is always on of the highlights of the school year.  This year's was no exception.  It was lovely to see so many students being recognised for who they are and what they have achieved!  

Congratulations to the Notre Dame Hallmark Award winners.  They were:

Hearts as Wide as the World - Olivia Murphy-Herdman

Angel of Peace - Jessica Pye

Simplicity of Spirit - Abbigail Hughes

Sunflower - Sophie McCarthy

Treasure of the Community - Amber Bent

Courageous Soul - Olivia Otten

Servign the good God - Bridie Nesbitt-Scott

Spirit of St. Julie - Natasha Highton

Spirit of St. Julie - Speranza Rufolo


Well done to them and all award winners.  Letters will go out next week to everyone who was nominated and shortlisted.  Watch out for them!