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Apr 18, 2018

Tuesday, 17th April, 2018

8 Dorothy - Big week just got bigger

Another brilliant start to the day with 8 Dorothy this time and Mrs Monks.  It was beautifully pitched and included the video below:  

10 people who were told they'd be failures!

Mrs Monks set the scene expertly and the Form were just brilliant in their responses with a particularly incisive comment by Izabelle.  So well done and thanks to them!

 At lunchtime, it was filming time with Jess and Millie (who stood in for Amirah.)  Jess was Francoise and Millie had the honour of being St. Julie.  They had both learnt their lines and delivered them perfectly as they explored the narrow escapes that both of these extraordinary women had experienced!  Once it's mixed down it will form the main part of another journey for the JARDIS!!!  (Julie's Astrophysical Relative Dimension In Space) No, I don't know what that really means either!   I'll post it on the blog on Friday when it premieres!


Then, round about lunchtime the week got a whole lot fuller!  OFSTED rang up to say they are coming!  Well, that's good but it does make life a little more hectic and nerve wracking!

I think we have so much to be proud of and we shall enjoy telling the inspectors that.