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Apr 18, 2018

Monday, 16th April, 2018

Sacred Time 8 Arrowsmith - Big Week - filming Year 9!
What a joy to join 8 Arrowsmith for Sacred Time!  They are a wonderful Form and I always love joining them with Miss McKean at the helm.  We watched our weekly prayer video and the level of respect and attentiveness was first class.

I found this to be a great start to what is surely a BIG WEEK with Awards Evening, Foundation Day and Bishop Tom visiting.  We're holding Awards and Foundation in the Sports Hall and it should be interesting to see how that space works out.  If the Advent Service is anything to go by, it should be fine although the acoustics can be hard to manage.  
The order of service for Foundation Day finally came together over the weekend and I'm really excited.  A couple of our most talented Year 9 students are going to do a piece to camera about St. Julie and Francoise, her friend.  So thanks to Amirah and Jess!  Overwhelm are practising hard for their first big event in school which could be nerve-wracking for them but I know they'll come through.
A BIG WEEK indeed but much to look forward to!