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Apr 10, 2018

Wednesday, 11th April, 2018

Wed Ref - St Julie

I love Wednesday Reflection although when it's my turn to lead, it can be hard to come up with ideas.  Anyway, during briefing this morning members of staff said "St Julie: pray for us, protect us and bless us!" and it got me thinking that I've said these words so many times and never really unpacked them or reflected on them.

So, that was the focus of Wednesday Reflection.  I won't go into detail now because I think this is something I'll explore in assemblies.  It did give us the opportunity to think of some of my favourite words of St Julie as we sang along to our motto song:

 We'll be using this song next week so maybe you can get the chance to familiarise yourself with it.


Later on, I did a video - with the help of Katie and Lucy in Y8 - about a new Chapel experience "Thursdays are Prayersdays!"  Here it is:


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Apr 10, 2018
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