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Apr 10, 2018

Tuesday, 10th April, 2018

Assembly - Kites

Great assembly this morning led by Mrs Maguire! Here is the prayer which closed it:


Dear God,
When I look back, allow me to see the positive in my actions rather than to be sad at what I have left undone.

Let me be able to see where I could have done better, but also to look back and reflect on what brought me to that place.

As I look forward, allow me to be positive, to see that the new school term is all before me, and that what I do makes a difference.

Whether it is looking forwards to the future or back to the past, give me the strength to go on.



At lunchtime, I had the chance to go into Science Club and talk to them about kites and drones!  

You see in Afghanistan, the Gaza Strip and Syria, the blue skies are sometimes occupied by remote controlled, armed drones.  These drones can be controlled from thousands of miles away and they look down on those below.  To the operator, it can seem like a video game you experience on an XBox or PlayStation.   The drones can bring fire and fury.  In fact some of the drones are armed with Hellfire missiles!

On 21st March each year, Afghans fly kites.  It's part of their culture as they mark their new year (I guess that's because it's the first day of spring).  The kites are marked with wishes for the New Year.  As a sign of solidarity who suffer under the threat of drone strikes, Science Club members are making kites, making a wish and then will fly them (once we get a good day for kite flying!)  It was great to be with them.  Thanks to all involved!


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