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Mar 23, 2018

Friday, 23rd March, 2019

FF - Egg-citing - the Agathas!

What an amazing day - the final day in NOT HOLY WEEK @ St. Julie's!

The day started with a thrilling Final Friday - Hymns Old and New where the Teamtalk area echoed to the sound of When I survey the Wondrous Cross as participants fixed their eyes on the crucifix.  A beautiful hymn to an old Scottish folk tune, it helped us experience just a glimpse of Good Friday and the sacrifice of Jesus.  That was followed by He Has Risen which was rousingly sung by the Overwhelm Team, fully capturing the excitement of Easter Day!

You may recall, we were up to 84 Easter eggs last night - 16 short of our target!  Well, the eggs starting coming in early!  Even before the big sing event, we reached 100 with Mrs Livemore, appropriately enough bringing up the century.  But the eggs kept coming with the wonderful Agathas (as 13 Agatha are becoming known) weighing in with a huge donation as did the wonderful Student Support Team - who had organised yesterday's cake sale.  Their efforts amounted to 60 Easter eggs! 

Thanks to all who contributed to the final total of 348 Easter Eggs which I took to the Foodbank Store at the Anglican Cathedral.   Absolutely fantastic and, of course, for those who contributed, their own Easter eggs will taste sweeter than ever when they remember that somewhere in our city, someone will be eating the egg they brought in.  

A short term - only 10 weeks but an exhausting one!  Have a great holiday!

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