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Mar 22, 2018

Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Last station - NHW4 - America - Easter Eggs (cake sale)

Today, we reached the final reflection of our Lenten journey through the Stations of the Cross.  It's been a great road totravel.  Thanks to all who ventured along it.  All the stations are now up in the Chapel which means that I don't have to add to them each evening as I leave school.  Doing the stations like this has helped me walk the road with Jesus more intensely than before and the best thing about it has been the companions I've met along the way.  Thanks to all who have participated in any way.


 The change of lesson sound was "Boy, you're going to carry that weight" - an allusion to the weight of the cross carried by Jesus on that journey to Golgotha.  We prayed today for all burdened by expectations, sickness and loss, encouraged that Jesus knows what it's like.  We were challenged to be like Simon who carried the cross of Jesus and I saw this today in the fantastic people of St. Julie's as they encouraged and supported each other.  

THere were lots of drop-ins today and thanks to all who came along.  The Easter Egg total has risen to 84 so I'm confident we can crash through the 100 barrier tomorrow!  Each Easter Egg will be in the hand of someone who otherwise would have nothing.  As the egg is broken so the tomb which encased Jesus is broken and light floods in!  An amazing group of pupils did a cake sale at break and raised > £40 which will be used tomorrow to surely push us over the 100 mark.  Thanks to Rosie and Olivia and co!  You're brilliant and have certainly lived out our Mission Statement theme of fairness, care and compassion.

Another bit of good news is that it looks like the trip to Rome 2019 will include another 3 Notre Dame Schools from Britain (Southwark, Sheffield and Glasgow) and maybe one from the USA (Tyngsboro)!  Watch this space because our trip in 2019 is to mark the 50th anniversary of Julie Billiart becoming St. Julie!  Places for the trip will be advertised in the Pentecost Term and demand is sure to be high.