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Mar 21, 2018

Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Driving the Brilliant Club - Day 3 of NHW - Awards - Practice

My day was topped and tailed by driving the Brilliant Club to the University of Liverpool.  It's a rather splendid name for a club and I kind of think we all belong to a brilliant club because we are human beings capable of so much and created to do wonderful things!  So whether you're a member of the Brilliant Club or not, never forget how brilliant you are!

It's day 3 of NOT HOLY WEEK and the sound of Bananarama echoed round school at lesson changeovers!


It seemed to bring back a few memories for members of staff who grew up with Bananarama as part of the soundtrack of their teen years!  Alas for me, I was well advanced in age when Bananarama came round.

There were more Awards Evening letters to give out today and what a pleasure that was!  If you didn't get on, don't despair because there are letters going out next term for everyone who was nominated for an award and there were many outstanding nominees in each year!

Lunchtime Overwhelm practice was great - musicians Kelsey and April really nailing it with a little extra help from some of the singers!

On Friday, it's Hymns Old and New and all are welcome!  8:30 near the statue of St. Julie!