St. Julie's Catholic High School Chaplaincy

Thoughts from the Chaplain

Mar 19, 2018

Friday, 16th March, 2018


What a brilliant assembly we had today introducing Women's History Month!

It was beautifully thought through, resourced, practised and led.  The singing led by Ellin, Emily and Izzy was fantastic and Eva, Scarlett, Rafaa, Gemma, Maisie and Bridie completed a magnificent and harmonious rendition of Imagine.  

Then Medb, Rachel, Ella and Erin told the congregation (Y8 and staff) about the women who inspire them.  It was all held together by Miss Bennett and was superb in all respects.  

It's interesting to note that this was very well rehearsed.  Participants knew what they were doing, where and when they were doing it and they adjusted during rehearsals with all contributing their ideas.  It was a pleasure to have seen the  process over the last two days.   Big shout out to those reading because they did it from the heart and at an approrpiate pace - not the rushed 'let's get through this as quickly as possible' renditions that have been known to have taken place.

Quite brilliant! Well done to all involved!