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Mar 19, 2018

Thursday, 15th March, 2018


Today I encountered some heroes!

At 6th Form Assemby, I asked the congregation if they would consider bringing in some Easter Eggs for the Foodbank and, by lunchtime, Connor, Emily, Will and Abbie had been to the shops and brought some in.  That was special!


There were lots of heroes last night as well when Overwhelm led the Welcome event for our next Year 7 students!  Overwhelm have worked really hard over the last few weeks and it paid off.  They were fantastic: Maisie, Zoe and Daisy on technical stuff, Kelsey and April on instruments and Megan, Amy, Emily, Gaby, Chelsea and Erin on leading the singing.  We also had the very welcome addition of Hannah on drums ably assisted on 'tinkly bells' bu Lucy.  They were all superb and they had Year 6 very much rocking in the aisles.

When I got home, I finished off mixing "Serve the good God well" with an extra vocal performance by Bridie added!

Here it is:



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