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Mar 13, 2018

Tuesday, 13th March, 2018

Joey and the Pope - Assembly - DP week

First of all, let me say Happy Birthday to my son, Joey, who turns 17 today!

13th March also marks 5 years since Pope Francis took up office as the 266th leader of the Roman Catholic Church on earth - following on the apostolic succession going back all the way to Peter, who walked with Jesus himself!

Here's a 1 min 3 secs video of Pope Francis speaking about how he prays his bedtime prayers:


I found out today that the Holy Father and I share something - our birthday - although he is 20 years older. 


Year 7 Assembly fitted in brillinatly with our Mission Statement theme of the week - Safety and Security - with lots of lessons to learn as Mrs Maguire introduced a very serious topic and gave information which empowered the attentive Year 7 congregation!   Mrs McCourt introduced the assembly with a short reflection which set exactly the right tone for what followed.


This week is Dementia Prayer Week and Marie and Emilia helped make a video today:


 Thanks to both of them!


Had a great chat with some Y11 students at lunchtime - a real pleasure!  So thanks to Catherine, Eloise, Ella, Melissa and Grace. 

Overwhelm had cake in recognition of the fantastic job they did at the weekend and now we're onto the next thing - tomorrow's Welcome Event for our latest cohort of prospective students and their parents.


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