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Feb 7, 2018

Wednesday, 7th February, 2018

It's NOT Ash Wednesday - Y9 - 11 Ther-awesome

The last Wednesday of the first half of the Lent Term tends to be Ash Wednesday.  This is not the case this year but we're bringing Ash Wednesday forward today - NOT ASH WEDNESDAY!  I tried to explain it to Mr Willis :


Wednesday Reflection was led by Mrs McCourt who invited us to reflect on the centenary of the day that women first got the vote in this country.   It wasn't all women and voting equality only came in 10 years later, but it was an important step!


It was 9 Dorothy's assembly this morning and I know they've been working hard on it.  I hope it went well.  I wasn't able to join them because I was joining 11 Therese (Miss Douglas' class) for Sacred Time.  This is always a delight - one of the highpoints of my year - and today did not disappoint!  They focused on what it means to be awesome!

The organisers who featured Mataya, Natasha, Ella and Eloise had put postit notes under everyone's chair with a personalised message about their awesomeness.  It was brilliant to see everyone walk out taller than they went in!  So thanks to all!

As I mentioned before, today was NOT Ash Wednesday so we held a NOT ASH WEDNESDAY Service during which Overwhelm sang and prayed prior to ashes being distributed.  It was moving to see people come forward to commit to something during Lent (which starts next Wednesday!).   Huge thanks to all who did this which links us back to St. Julie herself who would have received ashes as a public sign of turning to God each year as well.

 Special thanks to Ellie-Jo, Danell, Jasmine and Chelsea for distributing ashes.

 We even anointed the statue of St. Julie and the child in her care as an expression of the connection we feel with them.


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