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Feb 5, 2018

Monday, 5th February, 2018

7 Dorothy - Year 11 Assembly (11 Dorothy) - Lent approaches


It was very definitely a Dorothy day with the Year 11 form of that house leading assembly on Women in Science.  You can see the video they chose on the calendar section for 11th February.

While that was going on, I was with the youngest Dorothys who were working on their form assembly!  They've chosen the theme of St. Valentine - a really interesting fellow indeed!  You can see his story below in a 3 mins 48 secs video:

 7 Dorothy were terrific and they all came to the Notre Dame Chapel at lunchtime to rehearse in situe!  They practised really well with excellent use of space, visual aids, readers and a superb powerpoint presentation which very much enhances (rather than duplicates) what is being revealed in the assembly.

Powerpoint is a great program but it is much misused.  Do we really need to read every word that is being read to us?  It would be great if Form Captains kept an eye on their Form assemblies and moved their Form away from the all too frequent standing in a line, reading a powerpoint as quickly as possible.  Actually, it might be an idea next year to have a Sacred Time Co-ordinator to help improve the way we present.  All too often, lots of good research is wasted by poor presentation.  

That is not going to be the case tomorrow - can't wait to see 7 Dorothy deliver!

Lent is approaching and this evening I'll be burning palm branches form last year to be our ashes this year.  We're going to bring Ash Wednesday forward a week so you'll still get the chance to receive ashes in school as well as church if you'd like.  Anyone who would be willing to distribute ashes, come and see me!


Today also sees the start of Children's Mental Health Week and here's one of the prayers we use: